Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day Of Class

I am writing this blog mostly for myself. I enjoy having to sit down on a regular basis, formulate my 
thoughts, and write them down. It helps me clarify what's going on in my life. Also, I would like to keep whoever is interested in what I'm doing up-to-date!
Today was the first day of classes for me at CCSF. Walking around the campus didn't feel as weird as I expected it to. I anticipated at least a certain level of discomfort on my first day, seeing as my last time on a college campus was at UCSB, just a few months ago. A very different experience to say the least. I felt very comfortable though, and the first day went by smoothly.
I had a mandatory meeting with the academic advisor (Dr. Wise) at 2pm (all athletes must meet with her on the first day). She was awesome; a no-nonsense, intimidating middle-aged black woman with a beautiful smile and hefty build. Dr. Wise and I discussed my academic plans, and to where I would like to eventually transfer. I am in a really strange situation, having transferred from a UC to a JC.... who does that?! But it's looking like I should be able to transfer into either USF or Saint Mary's (or somewhere else if I choose) after this year. Those schools are at the top of my list for three reasons:

1. They are small schools with great business programs
2. I might be able to walk-on and play hoops
3. They're close to home

As of now, that is pretty much my only criteria for schools after CCSF.
Before class today I walked into the Coach Labaugh's office (the head basketball coach) to check in with him about my meeting with Dr. Wise. I got to witness something pretty interesting which caught me a little bit off guard. One of the assistant coaches (Coach D'Acquisto) -- a loud, high-strung and foul-mouthed SF Native, was helping a first-year player on the team write an email to a professor. The kid was struggling, and Coach D'Acquisto had to essentially hold his hand through the entire process. From what I've seen so far the coaching staff wants to win championships first and foremost (and they do one hell of a job of that), but they've also very much bought into the idea of helping their players in any way they can. I can imagine in many D1 programs, coaches don't give a crap about the kids outside of basketball as long as the kids are getting good enough grades to maintain eligibility. I don't think thats the case at CCSF. Coach Labaugh has a stellar record and has dominated at the JC level for years now. I would guess he's had many offers from D1 schools, but he's stayed at CCSF where he spends his days proof-reading kids emails, making sure their living arraignments are good, and putting them in the best position to succeed after their time at City. That's damn admirable. I get the impression this coaching staff is a really special one.
As far as hoops go, i'm pumped! I have no idea what kind of playing time i'll get this year. I think it depends on my offensive efficiency. In summer practices I was being picked first or second for many scrimmages which was reassuring. It's nice when guys want you on their team. But honestly I'm not as much of a force on the offensive end as i'd like to be. My perimeter shooting has improved, but I'm not a "shooter" yet.
The defensive end is where I'll earn PT in the mean time. I've been pretty successful in summer practices at guarding multiple positions. My ability to body up big men, then switch onto smaller guards on high ball screens is nice. I would hate to feel like a defensive liability. Also I might've set some kind of record (?) for most charges taken in a high school game with 7 against Head Royce my senior year... it's kind of my thing. I can only bust my ass and try to make a spot for myself.
Anyway, I'm really excited to be on a team again, and a really, really good team at that. Being the defending state champions should be a fun experience. Teams are gonna really want to beat us!
Practice starts Wednesday, and our first game is in early November! Here's a link to the schedule: am really happy to be back in The City, and excited to see how this semester unfolds!
Go Rams!